Exl Shrink

Generic Specification

A high yield high strength shrinkfilm similar in characteristics to Exl shrink. This film was developed primarily to run at high speed on older lap seal shrinkwrap systems. It effectively allows "overclocking" of these machines with the same overall benefits of Exl shrink.


  • High yield, high strength
  • Good tensile and Impact strength
  • Wide operating latitude
  • Very little wax build up on the sealing jaw
  • Quick seal cool time
  • Slip level ideally suited to automatic palletisers
  • Satin finish, matt surface
  • Available in micro perforated format
  • Can be treated to accept print
  • Recyclable

General Availability

  • Width - Up to 2700mm
  • Thickness - 25-80microns
  • Reel diameter - 250-750mm
  • Cores - 76mm and 152 internal diameter